IndustriesAartech’s offering are applicable across a wide range of industry domains. With the rising industrialization, energy consumption is scaling unprecedented growths. Simultaneously, energy consciousness is getting increasingly relevant, motivated by self-disciplining, regulatory, economic or customer driven measures. This is finding expression not only in conventionally utility driven domains of power generation (Thermal, Nuclear, Diesel), Power Transmission and Distribution which is getting increasingly deregulated and mixed with new measures such as Captive Power Generation & Distributed Generation, penetrated by the growing renewable (Solar, Hydro, Wind) , new energy (Fuel Cell, Biomass) options, but in power intensive heavy industries such as Metals, Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Mining, Chemical, Textile, Cement, Power, Sugar, Water Handling, Material Handling, Semiconductor etc. Even domains such as Defense and Exploration (Defense, Marine, Space, Remote Exploration), IT & Telecom (Data Center, Telecom), Health (Pharmaceutical, Hospital), Transportation (Railways, Automotive) etc. consider energy solutions as a very important aspect of their operations.