Pulse Power

There are several applications in the real world which require a short burst of power at varying duty cycles. A grid source can handle such load fluctuations more effectively than a stand-alone source. In such cases, a pulse power source / sink, operating independently or supplemented with a base level power source  becomes necessary.

Aartech is working on providing integrated solutions for such pulse power applications under its FaraDigm® Ultracapacitors system solutions.

Solar Power applications for remote Distributed Power, Space, Remote Sensing with remote monitoring stations, data buoys etc. typically require accumulation of energy over a significant period of time and release of power in occasional bursts, say for communications, site operations etc. These applications need a long life, wide temperature range, maintenance free, reliable, high duty cycle energy storage system. FaraDigm® Ultracapacitors have proven performances for such applications with numerous advantages over battery based systems.

Wind Power farms having turbines with electrical pitch control systems require a power source that can respond to frequent short bursts of power for adjustment of the blades for a large number of cycles. In emergencies such as loss of grid power and dangerous wind overspeed conditions as well as maintenance requirements, the individual autonomous pitch control systems of each blade is required to bring the rotor to a halt by relying entirely on the pitching power supply.  Batteries have inherent limitations for such application, and require periodic checking, maintenance and replacements which results in downtime and logistical challenges, since the batteries are located in the rotating hub at the operating height. FaraDigm® Ultracapacitors modules provide a long life cycle, high tolerance, solid-state, compact, cost-effective, reliable and maintenance free energy storage system for pitch control. Aartech offers proven pitch control systems customized to wind turbine manufacturer requirements with end-to-end technical support and services.

Fuel Cell applications for remote Distributed Power generation are a subject of intense research and development today. While these systems have the advantage of a high energy density, they cannot respond to peak power demands and require considerable time to start up. Similarly, Silent sources of power, for eg. fuel cells are being explored for Marine, particularly submarine applications. FaraDigm® Ultracapacitors modules equipped with suitable power electronic interface can address this need in an integrated fuel cell power system. Aartech is involved in pioneering research and development in this field with leading academic and industrial research institutes and has developed capabilities to offer such integrated solutions to customized requirements.

Several Automotive Applications for eg. Defense, Material Handling, Marine etc. need to ensure that sensitive onboard electronics of vehicles are not affected by temporary dips in the battery supply due to occasional duty of high power loads such as gun control, fork lifts etc.. Similarly Space Applications require a pulse power to operate missile doors and other similar equipments. Also regenerative braking energy typically lost in heat by way of braking resistors can be stored for reuse.  FaraDigm® Ultracapacitors provide a effective battery replacement / backup arrangement technically optimized for such pulse power requirements with smaller weight, volume and footprint – important considerations for such applications.

Aartech has proven expertise and performance in such pulse power applications, which can be customized as per the specific requirements.