About PureWave UPS

The demand for extremely high levels of electric service reliability continues to grow. With the ever-increasing use of sophisticated controls and equipment in industrial, commercial, institutional, and governmental facilities, the continuity, reliability, and quality of electrical service is crucial to organizational success. And in an increasingly wired world, consumers are less tolerant of outages, even those of short duration.

S&C can help you navigate these challenges. Our experts will work with you to identify sources of reliability issues, and identify the optimal approach to ensure an extremely high level of reliability. We offer proven technologies for ensuring uninterruptible power. Our innovative PureWave UPS™ Uninterruptible Power System relies on S&C’s field-hardened power electronics technology to provide extremely rapid response to system disturbances. And we’ll install, commission, and maintain your uninterruptible power system, to ensure trouble-free performance over the long haul.

PureWave UPS System supports entire loads with clean power for up to 60 seconds, eliminating 99% of all power quality problems. It supports reduced loads for up to 180 seconds. It can be seamlessly coordinated with a backup generator set. Ride-through time can be tailored to permit start-up, then “soft” load transfer to the backup generator, for 100% protection through extended outages. No costly utility paralleling switchgear is needed. And the backup generator can be sized up to 35% smaller than with conventional UPS systems. We now also offer an extended run-time version of our UPS, the PureWave UPS-XT. This product provides S&C’s field-proven UPS technology applied to projects that require battery run-times in excess of one minute.

PureWave UPS systems are available in low-voltage models for capacities from 313 kVA up to 2500 kVA. PureWave UPS and PureWave UPS-XT systems are available in medium-voltage models in capacities from 2.5 VA to 20 MVA.