Features of DSTATCOM

PureWave DSTATCOM has been applied on a number of utility systems and wind farms since the late 1990s, meeting or exceeding all specifications.

  • Ultra-fast response time: 3 to 6 milliseconds. Provides faster voltage (or VAR, or power factor) control to enhance system voltage stability.
  • Substantial short-time capability for contingency events. Each inverter section can provide up to 3.3 MVAR for 3 seconds.
  • Modular design provides redundancy. Each 1.25-MVAR inverter has its own independent controls and circuit breakers, maximizing system reliability and availability. Individual inverters can be maintained while the remainder of the system is in operation. Inverters are air-cooled — not water-cooled — eliminating maintenance, enhancing reliability.
  • Packaged in compact ISO-style container. Minimizes need for valuable substation space. Up to four containers can be paralleled for a total system output of ±40 MVAR.
    • Includes climate-controlled control room with air-conditioning, if required. Weatherproof maintenance aisle enhances reliability and serviceability.
    • Flexible system sizing with control of external devices. Up to six externally switched capacitor or reactor banks can be controlled by PureWave DSTATCOM
    • Fully factory-tested for quick installation and commissioning.