CLiP Description

Current Limiting Protectors (CLiP®) can offer the advantages of current limitation for 2.8 through 38 kV systems with continuous current ratings up to 5000 A. Compact, totally sealed construction permits the CLiP to be installed both indoors and out, either pole or structure mounted or within an enclosure.

The CLiP's unique ability to provide high continuous current ratings with current limitation and ultra-high speed of operation in one package make it an economical solution for a variety of overcurrent protection needs including:


System Upgrade — without replacing underrated equipment such as circuit breakers, reclosers, switches or bus.


Reactor Bypass — to eliminate costly operating losses and  eliminate voltage regulation problems.


Transformer Protection — to minimize damage by reducing  fault energy.


Cogeneration — to limit contribution to the system while protecting your cogenerator investment.


Lower Breaker Ratings — to reduce the cost of full rated equipment in new installations while improving protection.


Close Bus Ties — without exceeding equipment ratings.

Electrical Ratings:

Max. Voltage

2.8 - 38 kV

BIL Impulse

up to 200 kV

Continuous Current

up to 5000 A

Interrupting Rating

up to 120 kA sym.


1)  A standard 3-phase unit comes complete with interrupters, mounting system using stainless steel channel base, isolation transformers, bus supports, sensing and firing logics, and tinned copper bus with pad for customer connection.

2)  Sensing and firing logic units have field-selectable trigger level settings with ranges up to 42kA instantaneous. They do not use transient-susceptible rate of current rise (di/dt) sensing.

3)  CLiP units are suitable for indoor use or for outdoor use with or without an enclosure.

4)  Units are suitable for either 50 or 60hz applications.

5)  Three-Phase Remote Indication of Operation provides one relay per phase with 2 N.O. and 2 N.C. (form C) contacts for customer fault sensing circuits (located in the control box). No need to trip all 3 phases for a 1 or 2-phase fault. Use these hi-speed remote indication relay contacts to trip an existing breaker and clear the unfaulted phases. No need to replace interrupters in unfaulted phases.

6)  IP66, NEMA Type 4, welded steel, powder-coated Remote Control Box. This contains terminal blocks for user’s power supply and alarm connections, control voltage monitor relay with 2 N.O. and 2 N.C. (form C) contacts.

7)  All hardware is stainless steel, brass or silicon bronze.

8)  The CLiP can be installed in any orientation (with correct positioning of insulators). All control cables are of submersible construction.

9)  If the CLiP protective capabilities are not required for a particular mode of system operation, it can be disabled locally or remotely. It then acts simply as a busbar. The operation modes of the CLiP are SCADA adaptable.

10)  Local Indication of Operation. A striker pin projecting from one end of an interrupter indicates an operation has occurred.

11)  The control box can be adapted to virtually any AC or DC control voltage supply.