Customised Schemes

Over the years Aartech has designed, developed and deployed various customised schemes catering to customer preferences, system requirements and various practical overriding limitations and constraints. The following factors have influenced such customisations:-

  1. Introduction of Generator Circuit Breaker
  2. Deregulation, UAT sizing, Distribution of Loads and Bus Transfer
  3. Islanded Turbine Operation at House Load
  4. Islanded Transfers with Co-Generation Plant
  5. Grid Connection Requirements from Transco
  6. Integrated Load Shedding and Bus Transfer Requirements
  7. Distinguishing Source Loss, Source Failure and Process Time Considerations
  8. Bridging Power Supply to the Transfer Bus
  9. Retrofitting Slow Bus Transfer Systems
  10. Avoiding AC failures by providing Station-to-Station Schemes
  11. Integrated Unit-to-Station + 1/2 Station-to-Station Schemes