BTS 2000 Features

BTS 2000 continuously interfaces with various switchgear and protective devices, and monitors various system conditions in real time. On initiation of a transfer on upstream protective relay operation, self detection of source failure, or a manual command – BTS 2000 checks pertinent system parameters for availability of suitably enabled transfer modes and issues direct trip/close control operations on concerned breakers with precision timing.  The breaker operations are also further monitored for their proper operation, else backup measures are immediately initiated.

Typical Product Feature List:

  • Fast Transfer with less than 2 cycles of dead bus time
  • Simultaneous Fast Transfer
  • Sequential Fast Transfer
  • In Phase Transfer Mode with 2nd Order Prediction of First Phase Coincidence
  • Residual Voltage Transfer Mode
  • Protective Transfer Initiation on Upstream Protective Relay Operation
  • Intelligent Automatic Transfer Initiation using under/over voltage, frequency, |df/dt| criterion
  • ANSI C50.41 2000 Compliant
  • Comprehensive Online Testing
  • Continuous Breaker Circuit Monitoring
  • Smart Breaker Failure Processing
  • Integrated System Interlocks
  • Multiple Breaker Configurations in a Single Platform
  • Advanced Software Tools for Virtual Testing
  • Transfer Event Upload Replay “What If” Analysis,Oscilography & SOE.
  • Standard communication protocols

And many more advanced features...

Meeting Customer Specific Application Requirements such as: -

  • Islanded Transfer between Asynchronous Systems
  • Custom Logics
  • SCADA Integration, etc.

Note: Different product variants may have different combination of above mentioned features as per project specific customer requirements. Please consult us for specific information in this regard.