Fuel cell

Thanks for your interest in Aartech’s offerings to the fuel cell power generation field. Whether you are a fuell cell power equipment manufacturer, consultant, EPC contractor, project planner, system integrator or research / design / operation / maintenance / testing / commissioning engineer, we hope that you find our solutions of interest and look forward to hear from you.

Fuell cell power is considered as a corner stone of the proposed hydrogen economy. Due to its high energy density, it can meet realistic energy delivery expectations.  Its silent operation, inherent distributed power capabilities and logistics are expected to bring in significant changes in the way we handle our energy needs.


Fuel cell applications for remote and/or isolated distributed power generation are a subject of intense research and development today. While these systems have the advantage of a high energy density, they cannot respond to peak power demands and require considerable time to start up. Their silent operations lend themselves for strategic use in naval defense applications like submarines.

Further, micro grids with distributed power have challenges in meeting short duty transient loads such as motor/pump starting, compressors etc. These applications need a long life, pulse power capable, wide temperature range, maintenance free, reliable, high duty cycle energy storage system.

FaraDigm® Ultracapacitors modules equipped with suitable power electronic interface can address this need in an integrated fuel cell power system. Aartech is involved in pioneering research and development in this field with leading academic and industrial research institutes and has developed capabilities to offer such integrated solutions to customized requirements.


Fuell cell power may not be rated to support the full load on a system.  Since the source is limited, if the load exceeds the supply beyond its ratings, the entire system may trip. Moreover, since many such installations aim at providing basic facilities such as lighting which are modest in their load requirement, it is very attractive to consider load limiting from a technical, operational as well as commercial standpoint.

Aartech offers industry rugged LoadChecker solutions to these issues with low rating (< 100W) load limiters at a very affordable cost which are field proven with 1000’s in service.


Aartech’s Control & Relay Panels (CRP) SSD is organized to offer specialized custom built, integrated software engineered solutions involving aspects of protection, metering, communications and control for distributed automation, SCADA and remote telemetry based control and automation solutions.