Reliable Engine Starting

Battery failures dominate the list of anxieties associated with the failure of an engine to start. Batteries may fail to start an engine in case of discharged batteries (low State-Of-Charge (SOC)), old batteries (low State-of-Health (SOH)) and low temperatures. We have all been through situations where we have declared the batteries “dead” and resorted to alternate measures to get th engine started. It is therefore not surprising that most consider proper sizing, maintenance and special operating procedures, periodic checking, monitoring and replacements as the only way to deal with this problem.

However, what is noteworthy is that if one attempts to short the terminals of a “dead battery”, one will easily see some sparks flying out. In other words, while the battery is still able to provide energy, the current that it can deliver is insufficient to get the starter motor to move and establish the RPM for the starter motor to develop the pressure to get the engine started. Ultimately, one must realize that battery is an electro-chemical device, and has inherent limitations on multiple charge-discharge operations, that happen in a very stressful way at the time of engine cranking. It is thus not uncommon to consider typical battery life as 2-3 years / 1000 charge discharge cycles at best.

Aartech’s KranKing™ Ultracapacitors are a reliable long-term solution to IC Engine cranking needs. When connected along with a battery, they substantially supplement the battery output with a very high initial cranking current during the first few 100ms of the starting operation, which can overcome the initial friction and mobilize the starter motor. Since batteries are typically sized for their power delivery and not their energy requirements, one can downsize the battery capacities substantially.  A “dead” battery usually has enough energy to drive the starter motor to desired speed once it gathers some momentum during the initial cranking operation. An added advantage is accrued to the battery life, since it is not subjected to the very high currents for each cranking operation.

The Defense Industry demands reliable operations in the most demanding conditions. Aartech’s KranKing™ Ultracapacitors have proven performance in meeting such requirements after having completed successful trials with defense establishments and certifications in defense laboratories.

Commercial Heavy Vehicles rely on reliable operations to meet the schedule and commitments of their offered services, which is directly related to their revenues and logistics. It is not uncommon to find fleet capacity over-sizing, battery charging stations, spares and service vehicles provided to deal with an odd vehicle down due to starting issues. Battery banks / carts may not be recharged at all times, or may not be available for repeated starts of multiple vehicles, say on a cold morning.  KranKing™ Ultracapacitors can be employed in onboard installations for vehicles, service station carts for fleet operations, service vehicle mounted form for a work site, to largely address such issues.

If you are using  a diesel engine /generator for a critical operation such as emergency backup, fire control etc. in Thermal Power, Nuclear Power, Hydro Power, Diesel Power, Biomass Power, Captive Power, Metals, Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Mining, Chemical, Textile, Cement, Paper, Sugar, Pharmaceutical, Telecom or Material Handling your investments will reliably come of use by using KranKing™Ultracapacitors.

Railways have a large number of diesel powered locomotives to service un-electrified lines and for local shunting operations. It is common to see shunting locomotives running at idle for extended durations at stations, primarily because it is considered too “risky” to shut them down. The fuel consumption and maintenance on account of soot accumulation during idling is a major operational and maintenance expense apart from the pollution that is also considered unacceptable. KranKing™ Ultrapacacitors can provide a reliable starting operation and the desired confidence to be able to run the locomotives on demand as directed only. A portable jump start system can also effectively provide for an arrangement to support the operations of multiple locomotive engines in a yard / workshop.

The Marine Industry have a large number of electrically started, small – mid sized diesel powered boats.  Due to the changing crews, short and expensive berth times, and criticality of the engine starting especially at deep sea, it is common for operations to completely replace their battery sets every few docks which apart from the recurring cost and disposal / pollution norms; can be very difficult to handle, given the space constraints in which the batteries are usually mounted. KranKing™ Ultracapacitors can give the much needed relief and support to marine operators by reducing the need and frequency of battery replacements and associated logistics.

The Automobile Industry has a varied and discerning set of customers – from the extremely price sensitive to the performance driven. KranKing™ Ultracapacitors can not only enhance engine starting performance and reliability, but reduce the extent of voltage dips thus substantially improving the performance of the mounted peripherals, reduce the wear and tear on the components and even provide for better sound quality from the onboard music system amplifiers.