Process Continuity

An electrical outage can have severe immediate as well as consequential damages to any continuous process operation. Such incidents get etched in the memory of every operating engineer who experiences this first hand.

As revenue consciousness, bottom-line efficiencies, productivity benchmarks and system improvement requirements are driven harder and harder, there is a need to revisit established practices and look for innovative solutions from proven, established solution providers.

At Aartech, we work closely with consultants, equipment manufacturers, contractors and most importantly end users to address their process continuity challenges in a holistic manner.

If you are associated with the world of Thermal Power, Nuclear Power,  Captive Power generation, our BTS 2000 Numerical Fast Bus Transfer Systems can provide you with precise proven solutions over 100’s of installations and satisfied customers.

Continuous process industries (Metal, Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Mining, Chemical, Textile, Cement, Paper, Sugar, Water Handling, Pharmaceutical etc. all have a diverse, often customized electrical configuration.  With our 25+ years of experience in this field, we can work with you to understand your switchgear configuration and operational philosophy and suggest a suitable BTS 2000 Numerical Fast Bus Transfer System to your requirements.