Fault Current Limiting

Electrical engineering solutions are often required to adapt to new demands and operational considerations. Aartech is associated as a value added system integrator with M/s G&W Elec. Co. USA for their CLiP® Fault Current Limiter solutions and provides turnkey end-to-end solutions in this domain for Asia-wide customers in the power generation (particulary captive power addition), industry (particularly cement, oil & gas) etc.

The CLiP's unique ability to provide high continuous current ratings with current limitation and ultra-high speed of operation in one package make it an economical solution with proven usage and performance for a variety of overcurrent protection needs including:

System Upgradewithout replacing underrated equipment such as circuit breakers, reclosers, switches or bus.

Reactor Bypassto eliminate costly operating losses and eliminate voltage regulation problems.

Transformer Protection – to minimize damage by reducing fault energy.

Cogenerationto limit contribution to the system while protecting your cogenerator investment.

Lower Breaker Ratingsto reduce the cost of full rated equipment in new rated installations while improving protection.

Close Bus Tieswithout exceeding equipment ratings.

G&W's Current Limiting Protectors (CLiP®) can offer the advantages of current limitation for 2.8 through 38 kV systems with continuous current ratings up to 5000 A. Compact, totally sealed construction permits the CLiP to be installed both indoors and out, either pole or structure mounted or within an enclosure.