Energy Harvesting

Micro energy sources can be tapped for productive use by using energy harvesting technologies in a site independent manner, and sometimes even during transit. For eg. Solar Power, Wind Power, Hydro Power micro sources can be harvested using Photo Voltaic (PV) / micro wind turbines, micro hydro turbines, stored and used on demand to power portable hand held devices such as cell phones, radios, computers , tools, instruments etc.

One can conceive numerous needs in Marine, Defense, Space, Remote Sensing and Telecom applications  which optimally utilize the energy harvesting technologies. For eg. a foot solider can power his communication devices while on the move with a small PV module on his/her backpack. Or a remote sensing data buoy on a weather monitoring station in the mountains or out in the ocean, gathers energy and powers its measurement equipments and communication devices. A facility to charge a cell phone when a utility outlet is not accessible is one of the most pressing needs at times.

Real Estate Industry is increasingly looking at efficient ways of harnessing energy in passive as well as active form. For example, a prospective application in the Lighting Industry is the use of solar tiles which have a small PV solar array, light detecting elements, light emitting diodes (LEDs) and an energy storage facility that can charge during the day and provide light suitable for decorative / security purposes in gardens, walkways, fountains, road sides etc. thus avoiding cabling requirements.

FaraDigm™ Ultracapacitors have a wide range of ratings to suit energy harvesting requirements. Some offerings also provide for a flexible form factor, making it adaptable to the end use application very effectively.