Control & Automation

The control and automation world is flooded with various technologies today. Aartech addresses the requirements from the simple, low cost volume requirements of the distribution utility to the customized, high end value added requirements using state of the art concepts for the discerning customer.

Being technology adept, Aartech has capabilities to integrate the right component mix for arriving at the right solution specific to different requirements. A lot of value addition is also done by solid state as well as microprocessor based embedded control products specifically designed to customized needs rather than conventional integration by discrete electrical devices.

If you are a Power Distribution Company / Power Transmission Company looking for a quality panel supplier, or anĀ  EPC Contractor handling substation / electrification jobs, you may be interested in our range of Control & Relay Panels. We cater to our customers with configurable requirements for their preferred choice, such as 11kV/33kV, Single / Double Circuit, Feeder / Transformer, Electromechanical / Solid State / Numerical Protection, Communicable / Non-Communicable Features, Front / Rear Access etc. with a timely, efficient and competitive professional approach.

Custom Built Solutions

If you are looking for a specialized custom built, integrated software engineered solutions involving aspects of protection, metering, communications and control for distributed automation, SCADA and remote telemetry applications, please look at our Control & Relay Panel offerings and share your exact requirements.