At a fundamental level, we realize the seriousness of the energy crisis looming large on our society. Yet, in practical terms, it is difficult to materialize this energy consciousness to adaptive ground level realities in more specific and pertinent energy applications for everyday personal, professional and industrial use. Further, the numerous products and services in the market can be very confusing for the most informed users at times. What is really felt necessary is the ability to provide end-to-end solutions to complicated, challenging and often custom-specific technical problems that we face in real life, in a simple, reasonably defined and reliable manner.

Aartech addresses the requirements for a wide range of customers – from the simple, low cost volume requirements of the distribution utility to the customized, high end value added requirements using state-of –the-art concepts for the discerning user.

You will always find something smart, innovative and unique in what Aartech offers.  While, these solution capabilities are at different levels of research, development, engineering, application, maturity and experience – Aartech has demonstrated will and effort to span the breadth and depth of these challenging problems. We also believe in working closely with our customers, especially end users to enable these solutions in a feasible and cost effective manner.

Take a look at some of our solution offerings – Control and Automation, Process Continuity, Load Limiting, Reliable Engine Starting, Fault Current Limiting, Pulse Power, Energy Harvesting, Uniterrupted Power Supply, Reactive Power Compensation, Protection and Unitized Power Management.