PureWave DSTATCOM is well suited to a major goal of the Smart Grid: Integration of renewable energy sources, such as wind, concentrated solar, and tidal power generation. It allows these renewable energy sources to meet utility interconnection requirements, as well as the power factor, voltage output, and low-voltage ride-through requirements of various worldwide grid codes.


PureWave DSTATCOM generates a variable voltage, Vd, that is very nearly in phase with the source voltage, Vs. The inductance in this simplified circuit, L, consists of the inductance of the coupling transformer and filter. The voltage across the inductance, VL, equals Vs-Vd and is small in per-unit terms . . . on the order of 5-20%.

If Vs > Vd, VL is in phase with Vs and current IL lags Vs by 90°; PureWave DSTATCOM, acting as a generator, produces leading (inductive) reactive current.

If Vs < Vd, VL is antiphase with Vs and current IL leads Vs by 90°; PureWave DSTATCOM produces lagging (capacitive) reactive current.