About Load Checker

LoadChecker™ blocks the mains supply to the load if excessive current is drawn through it. However, in the event of blocking, its patented self-reset feature normalizes the supply to the load, once the load is disconnected for a minimum time. The entire operation does not require any manual effort or attention. The product uses soft blocking technology, thus ensuring very long life.

How Load Checker Operates:

LoadChecker™ normally permits up to 20% overload / creepage without blocking. On further overload, it operates as per its inverse-time characteristics. Thus, a higher load is blocked much faster, than a lower load above rated levels. Thus, temporary overloads such as those during motor starting are permissible, and do not pose any problems.

Load Checker Brochure


Comparison  of the LOAD CHECKER to AN ENERGY METER



Energy Meter (100% Metering)

Load checker  (100% Control)


One Time

High Cost

One Time

Low Cost


One Time

Large Size Meter Box Reqd.

Elaborate Sealing Process

Installation at Customer Premises.

Requires Additional Provisions such as Meter Box / MCB etc.

One Time

Very Small Size

Can be Sealed for Life.

Can be Installed at Pole-Top outside Consumer Premises

Additional Provisions are not generally required.

Reading / Recording

Recurring Efforts Required

Costs involved. Prone to Error

Not Required for Fixed Tariff Connections


Susceptible to Tamper since installed at Consumer Premises

Factory Sealed and Resin Moulded – No access to inner parts unless broken / damaged.

For Pole-Top Installations

Physical Access is not riskworthy

Meter Billing

Requires Sophisticated Services

Simple, Efficient, Effective and Consumer Friendly.

Demand Side Mgmt.

Not Usually Available, Provisions are costly in nature

Restricts Unwarranted Load Increase.

Energy Efficiency

Cannot provide direct incentive for use of energy efficient devices

Encourages the use of energy efficient devices such as CFLs


High Component Count higher susceptibility to failure.

Very Good – Low Component Count



Very Good – But not critically required for low power consumption consumers

Fair – Meets all practical requirements.


5-20 A / 5-30A / 10-40A / 10-60A etc. Suitable for high as well as low power consumption levels.

40W / 60W / 100W range. Suitable only for low power consumption levels.


Usually Single Meter installed in a separate meter box provides a single connection

A Single Load Limiter provides high (say 10) connections.


None / External MCB extra

Short Circuit / Earthing Proof

Dis - connection


Disconnection on overload with auto-reclose feature. Significant deterrent to servicing of unauthorized load


5-10 Years

Long Guarantee Period > 10 Years