About Faradigm

FaraDigmTM is a range of Ultracapacitors for power quality applications. The Ultracapacitors operate at different voltages, and for a particular operating voltage, there are Ultracapacitors with different capacitance values and, consequently, the energy that can be stored on them.

Ultracapacitors, also called Supercapacitors or electric double-layer capacitors, are capacitors that have been developed based on advanced developments in materials science and nanotechnology, and have capacitance values of several hundred Farads, unimaginable in conventional capacitors. The high specific power of Ultracapacitors enables adequate energy storage for several short-duration and high-power applications, and this is just one among many other good and desirable features of Ultracapacitors. Therefore, they represent a paradigm change of sorts, and that's the reason why we have coined the name "Faradigm". Read more about FaraDigmTM Ultracapacitors and KranKing® Ultracapacitors, Ultracapacitors designed specifically for engine Cranking application.

Energy Storage:

Ultracapacitors are primarily used for energy storage like Remote data acquisition systems,regenerative braking etc.

Power Quality:

Ultracapacitors are used primarily for improving the quality of power that is available to the application like Audio entertainment systems, Wind turbine pitch control etc.

Pulse Power:

Ultracapacitors are primarily used to provide pulse power because the power requirements of the application are very high and the main source of energy is not able to provide all the power in the applications like Engine cranking & Forklifts etc.

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