BTS 2000 Description

BTS 2000 Fast Bus Transfer System is an advanced microprocessor based Bus Transfer System for Power Generation Utilities & Continuous Process Industries. By performing high speed motor bus transfers between two independent sources of power under prescribed safe system parameters, the Bus Transfer System provides continuity of power supply to the critical motors of a plant. This pre-empts any interruption to the processes running in the plant inspite of the contingency of the feeding source.

Aartech has more than 25 years of experience in deploying fast bus transfer system solutions and 300's of installations to a variety of demanding system requirements. We work with switchgear manufacturers, EPC contractors, end users and their respective consultants to ensure end-to-end solutions for mission critical applications. We take responsibility for the entire value chain - design, engineering, system integration, manufacturing, supply, supervision of commissioning and after sales customer service requirements.

BTS 2000 is a proven solution in thermal power generation as well as nuclear power generation of ratings from 25MW captive power units right upto 660MW. It has been selectively used in hydro power generation units as well.

Many of the continuous process facilities including Metals, Petrochemical, Mining, Water Handling are finding rich benefit by use of these systems. Industrial requirements are generally more stringent and non-empirical, and the power quality, process sensitivity,interruption nature, reliability issues and system response need to be evaluated on a case-to-case basis to offer an appropriate solution.

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