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The space sector is responsible for much of our communication, information and entertainment infrastructure today. Ongoing astronomical research and exploration continue to help us discover our universe. Space programs are one of the most mission critical and technically challenging prospects and demand very high set of performance benchmarks.


Space applications require pulse power to operate missile doors and other similar equipments. Due to the high sensitivity of weight and volume consumption in the space vehicle, it is desirous to achieve such power with the highest density devices. Similarly, several space applications need to ensure that sensitive onboard electronics are not affected by temporary dips in the battery supply due to occasional duty of high power loads.

Fuel Cell applications for remote power generation are a subject of intense research and development today. While these systems have the advantage of a high energy density, they cannot respond to peak power demands and require considerable time to start up. FaraDigm® Ultracapacitors modules equipped with suitable power electronic interface can address this need in an integrated fuel cell power system. Aartech is involved in pioneering research and development in this field with leading academic and industrial research institutes and has developed capabilities to offer such integrated solutions to customized requirements.

FaraDigm® Ultracapacitors have proven performances for such applications with numerous advantages over battery based systems.


One can conceive numerous needs in space applications which optimally utilize the energy harvesting technologies. For eg. a satellite powers its communication devices with a PV module. Or a remote sensing data buoy on a weather monitoring station, gathers energy and powers its measurement equipments and communication devices.

FaraDigm™ Ultracapacitors have a wide range of ratings to suit energy harvesting requirements. Some offerings also provide for a flexible form factor, making it adaptable to the end use application very effectively.


Space control stations require a very high quality of uninterrupted power supply. Conventional UPS are characterized by high Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) when factors such as efficiency loss, battery replacements and indoor installations are taken into account. Also the increasing element of criticality and interdependence demand full facility protection rather than limited protection of sensitive loads.

An offline UPS that can meet the desired power quality benchmarks and provide for enough backup to support the operations till backup DG sets come into service can have a direct impact on all the above factors and offer a much more attractive TCO. Further, an offline UPS can actually be integrated at the Medium Voltage (MV) level and provide for full facility protection of critical installations. An outdoor installation also provides for independent operation and maintenance access, without any interference to the main mission control facilities.

Aartech is associated as a value added system reseller with M/s S&C USA for their PureWave UPS , a proven power quality product with a large and successful installation base worldwide.

S&C’s PureWave UPS System protects power-sensitive equipment from the detrimental effects of disturbances such as voltage sags, surges, transients, momentary disruptions, and complete outages. This unique Smart Grid solution supports the entire load with clean power for up to 60 seconds, eliminating 99% of all power quality problems. It supports reduced loads for up to 180 seconds. A high-efficiency static switch provides immediate — 2- to 4-millisecond — response. Also on offer is an extended run-time version of the UPS, the PureWave UPS-XT.  This product provides S&C’s field-proven UPS technology applied to projects that require battery run-times in excess of one minute.


Aartech’s Control & Relay Panels (CRP) SSD is organized to offer specialized custom built, integrated software engineered solutions involving aspects of protection, metering, communications and control for distributed automation, SCADA and remote telemetry based control and automation solutions.