Remote Sensing

Thanks for your interest in Aartech’s offerings to the remote sensing sector. Whether you are an equipment manufacturer, consultant, EPC contractor, project planner, system integrator or research / design / operation / maintenance / testing / commissioning engineer, we hope that you find our solutions of interest and look forward to hear from you.

The remote sensing industry provides for access to hard-to-reach information and is increasingly being used for a variety of analysis and decision making.


Micro energy sources can be tapped for productive use by using energy harvesting technologies in a site independent manner, and sometimes even during transit. For eg. Solar PowerWind PowerHydro Power micro sources can be harvested using Photo Voltaic (PV) / micro wind turbines, micro hydro turbines, stored and used on demand to power portable hand held devices such as cell phones, radios, computers , tools, instruments etc. For eg. a remote sensing data buoy on a weather monitoring station, can gather energy and powers its measurement equipments and communication devices.

FaraDigm™ Ultracapacitors have a wide range of ratings to suit energy harvesting requirements. Some offerings also provide for a flexible form factor, making it adaptable to the end use application very effectively.


Remote Sensing with remote monitoring stations, data buoys etc. typically require accumulation of energy over a significant period of time and release of power in occasional bursts, say for communications, site operations etc. These applications need a long life, wide temperature range, maintenance free, reliable, high duty cycle energy storage system.

FaraDigm® Ultracapacitors have proven performances for such applications with numerous advantages over battery based systems.