Board of Directors

Mr. Anil A. Raje

A qualified electrical engineer, technologist, R&D enthusiast and first generation entrepreneur, Mr. Anil Raje is the founder of Aartech and successfully held the helm of affairs as the Chairman and Managing Director (CMD) of the company from its inception till March 2007. He possesses more than 40 years of experience in multi-dimensional aspects of business operations in the power sector. He is a pioneer in the design, development and implementation of the first generation import substitute fast bus transfer systems for thermal power stations and process industries in India and is an internationally acknowledged expert in this field with several international conference papers to his credit. Apart from the responsibilities as chairman, he also directs Aartech’s business development activities and ‘Aartech Overseas’ campaign and is a member of Aartech’s Investment Committee.

Mr. Amit A. Raje
Managing Director

A qualified technologist with a B.Tech from I.I.T. Mumbai and M.S.E.E. from University of Minnesota, USA; Amit took office as the Managing Director of Aartech in April 2007. Before that Amit headed Aartech’s R&D activities since 1998 and lead the development of Aartech’s microprocessor based fast bus transfer system BTS 2000, now Aartech’s flagship SSD. He is a lead author in several international conference papers and also has applied for several patents for his inventions. With 10 years of rich experience at Aartech, he now spearheads all the new activities and developments inline with the stated objectives of the company.