Features of Faradigm Ultracapacitors:

  • Ability to operate in severe modes including continuous cycling
  • The Most effective use of practically available volume
  • Compact high voltage electrochemical capacitors
  • Unexcelled power performances (up to 17 kW/kg)
  • Absorbing High Power with High Efficiency
  • Delivering High Power with High Efficiency
  • Highest Specific Power, even after taking System Integration into account
  • Low Cost per Unit of Delivered Energy
  • Ability to Handle Large Number of Deep Charge-Discharge Cycles ( > 300,000 Cycles)
  • Lowest Response Time (~ 20 us) due to use of Aqueous Electrolyte
  • No restrictions and regulations for     transport and storage
  • Maintenance free, reliable, and long-term service life
  • Wide operating temperature range (-45 ° C to +50 ° C)

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