Position: Manager – IT

Job role / responsibilities

• Identifying technology requirements for the organization based on the business growthplans covering both networking infrastructure and it hardware and software tools

• Designing of technology infrastructure and planning for its implementation across all officeand manufacturing units

• Providing guidance / information to team members on the technology infrastructure,requirements, or solutions to be provided to various users

• Providing inputs and guidance to other functional personnel on their technology relatedrequirements

• Creating systems and processes to ensure maximize uptime of IT infrastructure at all times

• Identifying, and providing technology architecture inputs or other requirements to externalvendors for correct procurement of IT infrastructure

• Assessing future impact of IT procurement decisions by evaluating products and servicesand ensuring business growth areas and scale-oriented challenges are factored in decisionsmade

• Documentation of IT processes based on IT and other functions’ requirements

• Defining processes to ensure that users IT support requirements are fulfilled and issuesresolved with minimal response time

• Monitoring availability of business tools (SAP, etc) are available for users at all times inkeeping with business and users requirements and ensuring that new functionality requiredby the business are made available to users

• Identifying and documenting trigger points for upgradation of IT Infrastructure based onobjective and quantitative data analysis

• Interfacing with vendors for support and maintenance of technology systems

• Preparing budgets for technology requirements for all locations across the country

• Planning work allocation, monitoring performance and addressing development needs ofteam

• Designing, testing and validating security of network against internet attacks

• Designing systems and processes to ensure DR and BCP and ensuring awareness of theirimportance and implementation across the organization

• Working with Administration team for ensuring that communication costs are controlledand minimized through deployment of cost effective technologies etc.

• Identifying development needs of the team and ensuring completion of the individualdevelopment plans

• Setting goals, monitoring performance and coaching of team

• Conducting periodic process reviews identifying areas needing modification in the SOPs andensuring their completion and adherence by all personnel

Position: Executive – IT

Job role / responsibilities

• Installation of Application software required by users and based on policies of company

• Identifying and resolving hardware and OS, Application software related issues at variouslocations

• Installation and configuration of technology networks at all identified locations

• Coordinating with concerned vendors for maintenance and support related issues forvarious applications procured from them

• Interacting with users to understand issues faced by them in utilizing their desktops, printersetc.

• Troubleshooting issues faced by users with their desktops and laptops and printers etc on atimely basis

• Identifying areas needing strengthening of IT and providing inputs on the same to Manager -IT

• Documentation and maintenance of IT resources database

• Adhering to IT support related processes set by the functional heads• Communicating importance and benefits of information security and implementing itsprocesses strictly

• Testing and validating security of network against internet attacks