Position: Executive – ERP

Job role / responsibilities

• Ensuring the availability of the ERP application by monitoring its uptime and identifying andresolving any issues related to the same

• Creating systems to monitor and highlight connectivity issues of the ERP application

• Tracking various application features and ensuring that all features are available to userswhen required

• Gathering requests from users for enhancement of ERP application features and conductinga critical assessment of the same based on relevance to business requirements

• Conducting checks of Databases and ensuring that the same is not corrupted in any way andensuring its accessibility by users

• Defining the rights of users based on organizational standards and ensuring that the sameare maintained for all people

• Defining backup schedules for databases and applications and ensuring that the IT Supportteam takes and stores the backups as per defined norms

• Scheduling and conducting technical and process training and refresher courses for allemployees on various features and ensuring that they understand the features, fieldstructures, workflows etc clearly

• Understanding various operating processes for various functions and mapping the samewith inbuilt workflows in ERP application and identifying and documenting gaps in the sameand getting them resolved accordingly

• Creating various report formats in the ERP application and generating any exceptionalreports as required by users

• Understanding and resolving various issues faced by users with the ERP application andresolving them with minimal loss of time