Materials Management

Position: Head – Materials

Job role / responsibilities

• Defining the purchasing and materials policy based on foundations of Pareto’s principles andensuring its implementation by all team members

• Analyzing business plans and identifying/forecasting materials requirements for theorganization as a whole and defining the materials sourcing strategy based on the same

• Providing inputs to the team on vendor identification and development for various groupsof purchase items

• Conducting research on new sources for procuring various items based on the businessrequirements

• Conducting material consumption trends and incorporating the findings and conclusions inthe material procurement plans

• Designing systems to monitor order quantities for various materials and triggers for orderingrequisite material based on Minimum Order Quantities

• Studying the requirements of the production units for various raw material and monitoringits stock levels in the organization and reviewing order quantities on a periodic basis basedon business plans

• Conducting needs assessment of high value CAPEX items required by various functions andidentifying alternate items and methods to fulfill their needs

• Analyzing inventory carrying costs and identifying innovative methods to reduce the samethereby contributing to profitability for the business

• Conducting rate negotiations on the cost of purchase and service levels required fromvendors and documenting the same accordingly• Conducting make or buy analysis and making strategy decisions for procurement of variousproducts and services

• Creating control mechanisms for monitoring and ensuring cost and quality of purchaseditems

• Providing inputs to other functions on possible options for meeting their requirements ofmaterials and consumables

• Ensuring that quality related norms set by QA team are adhered to for all purchases

• Ensuring that all necessary material is procured by the organization on time and ensuring itstimely delivery

• Ensuring appropriate documentation of rate contracts, service level agreements, and otherrecords for all procurement decisions of the company

• Analyzing the inventory levels (raw, WIP, and finished) to be maintained by the organizationat different locations and assessing and planning the warehouse capacity requirement basedon the same

• Scheduling and initiating stock audits at various locations to assess the stock levels andidentify any issues therein and conducting reconciliation for the same

• Ensuring that statutory and legal process formalities for all procurement is completed andrecords maintained

• Providing decisions to purchasing team for resolving any day-to-day functional andadministrative issues

• Monitoring whether vendor payments are made on time and ensuring resolution of issuesrelated to payments

• Identifying development needs of the team and ensuring completion of the individualdevelopment plans

• Setting goals, monitoring performance and coaching of team

• Conducting periodic process reviews identifying areas needing modification in the SOPs andensuring their completion and adherence by all personnel

Position: Manager – Inventory Planning

Job role / responsibilities

• Conducting an analysis of material requisitioned by various functions and people anddefining the specification list of the same for reference of Procurement team

• Creating a coding structure for all material consumed in the company including rawmaterial, consumables and those used for office requirements and assigning the codesaccordingly to the same

• Creating a category list of all material consumed in the company and ensuring any newmaterial requisitioned is categorized accordingly

• Conducting an analysis of utilization pattern of all material and creating a procurement planfor the same to ensure that all required material is available when required and improperprocurement timelines are avoided

• Conducting an analysis of all material costs including procurement, storage, handling,insurance, etc and identifying areas where savings can be made in the same

• Conducting an analysis of utilization level of all material and ensuring that optimum orderlevels are defined and available with procurement team for their reference

• Defining a material issue process and ensuring its implementation by thewarehousing/storage team accordingly

• Defining the optimum stock levels to be carried by the company for different categories andspecific items based on their consumption pattern

• Scheduling and ensuring completion of stock audits on a periodic basis and reviewing theirreports for identifying wastages/leakages areas and identifying methods to resolve the same

• Creating and updating material masters in SAP for reference of all personnel in Materialsand other departments

Position: Executive – Warehouse

Job role / responsibilities

• Monitoring and ensuring that receipt and storage operations is completed in the warehouseas required by the materials policy and material specifications

• Providing direction and decisions to the store keeping team in managing day to daywarehousing storage and material issue operations

• Defining various operational SOPs giving processes, responsibilities and timelines forensuring smooth warehousing operation

• Ensure accuracy in item retrievals, and dispatches as per requirements and maintain all therelated records

• Planning and maintaining storage of material based on the delivery schedule of finishedgoods stocks

• Monitoring time sensitive despatches of material based on the delivery dates for specificcustomer as given by sales team

• Conduct physical verification of inventory on weekly and monthly basis and reconciliationwith SAP system data

• Ensure timely updation of inward, inventory and outward details in the SAP system

• Planning, monitoring and periodically conducting stock audits of all stocks and highlightingand reporting any issues

• Inspecting warehouse on a daily basis and Optimizing space utilization at all warehouses