Position: Manager – Production

Job Role and Responsibilities

• Defining and documenting the operational strategy and plans for the unit for achieving theproduction output defined by the business

• Monitoring the quality of output for each day and investigating reasons fordelays/rejection/shortfalls etc as applicable

• Providing decisions and approvals to various production supervisors on areas critical toinitiation of processing based on the production plans and targets defined as well asresolving any inter-departmental/process differences/issues

• Defining and implementing operational plans for achieving productivity parameters definedby the Head - Operations for cost reduction, energy conservation, productivity parametersimprovement, cycle time reduction, quality improvement etc and monitoring theireffectiveness

• Monitoring the WIP and finished product’s quality levels for each day and investigatingreasons for productivity or quality failures etc as applicable

• Reviewing daily and weekly production targets and resolving any potential delays etc due toexisting processing and having the production plans modified in exceptional situations

• Providing instructions and inputs to team members on identifying root causes forproduction issues during the day/week and identifying and providing possible solutions forthe same

• Studying and analyzing utility consumption levels and identifying ways for reducing thesame without impacting production levels

• Reviewing resource utilization levels and planning requirement of people, machines,consumables etc based on the production levels targeted and identifying ways to improvethe same

• Providing requirement of people at staff and worker levels and ensuring their recruitmentby HR and participating in the same as required

• Identifying training needs of personnel in various departments and ensuring arrangement oftraining programs for them

• Providing periodic instructions to all production team members and ensuring that they wearpersonal protective and safety equipment and follow various safety norms as required bythe government or other bodies

• Coordination with other departments like Maintenance, Stores, Purchase, HR etc formeeting any requirements for smoothening production unit’s operations

• Analyzing various process parameters and identifying areas for reducing costs at the unit formeeting the cost control objectives of the organization

• Ensuring that all production MIS and documentation is completed by the team andpresenting to the management from time to time highlighting specific action areas forimproving generation performance

• Monitoring specific machine performance issues and analyzing failure areas and highlightingto Maintenance team for preventive maintenance activities

• Collaborating closely with the unit maintenance team during preventive maintenanceschedule and ensuring that all maintenance issues are resolved

Position: Manager – Production Planning

Job Role and Responsibilities

• Studying and understanding business and operations delivery related aspects clearly andgetting clarity on areas where required

• Querying Design and Product Development teams on product features and technologyincorporation for the same to understand and converting such inputs to production plans

• Defining production plans based on delivery objectives and customer requirements andensuring its awareness and understanding by all concerned in Operations team

• Defining and implementing monitoring systems and reports/trackers for conducting interimassessments of production target achievement

• Monitoring production goals and identifying deviations from the same and investigatingreasons for the same and highlighting to Head Operations for corrective action

• Working closely with Maintenance Team and making provision for and incorporatingpreventive maintenance activities as part of production plans for understanding ofProduction and Maintenance teams for their operational scheduling activities

• Identifying issues and gaps in actual production and delivery status vis-à-vis productionplans and identifying reasons for the same

• Identifying exceptional cases of production and delivery operations and incorporating theirspecific requirements into the planning activities

• Ensuring preparation of production MIS and presenting their status to Head Operations andSales and the management for business review purposes

• Designing processes to ensure timely completion of dispatch activities by the dispatch teambased on customer specifications

• Testing and incorporating innovative methods for consumption of utilities in the productionprocess with a focus on its reduction


• Identifying innovative and efficient methods to complete production processes to ensure anoverall reduction in production costs

• Identifying innovative and efficient methods to complete production processes to ensure animprovement in machines utilization and efficiency

Position: Executive – Production

Job role / responsibilities

• Reading and understanding the work objectives to be accomplished in own work areas

• Undertaking and implementing various initiatives to ensure that the daily production targetsor service output is achieved

• Monitoring the work done by the operators in own functional areas and providing inputs tothe team to ensure that it is completed in stipulated time

• Providing necessary inputs to the operators on the correct process to be followed incompleting job responsibilities

• Identifying and completing a first level resolution of issues faced by people in their day today operational areas

• Planning and allocating work for the respective team members in keeping with theircapabilities and functional objectives to be fulfilled

• Ensuring availability of all necessary personnel on a day to day basis based on therequirements of the machines areas and monitoring their attendance, leave and otheradministrative activities

• Implementing relevant functional processes in the work areas and ensuring that they are understood by all operators and other technicians etc

• Providing all necessary instructions and documents as part of shift handover to thesubsequent process owner

• Ensuring that concerned operators and attendants from own team take necessary readingsof instruments in their work areas and record the same in a timely manner

• Highlighting and escalating any issues to the respective managers immediately on theiroccurrence and taking the first steps in their resolution

• Coordinating with other functional personnel as required for receiving or providing servicesfor day to day operational activities

• Completion of documentation for all activities coming under purview

• Maintaining safety and housekeeping standards in the department and ensuring that anyissues related to these are nipped immediately and education provided to all team memberson their importance

• Ensuring achievement of quality standards in own work output and reporting and takingnecessary steps to resolve any possible drops in the same

• Monitoring usage of utilities and other process consumables and identifying methods toreduce their consumption

• Ensuring that team members are equipped with necessary tools and skills to fulfill their job expectations