Finance and Accounting

Position: Chief Financial Officer

Job role / responsibilities

• Formulating Finance & Accounts and Secretarial functional policies and ensuring theircompliance by all personnel in the team

• Ensuring that all accounts are prepared as per relevant accounting standards mandated ygovernmental authorities

• Creating a tracker for monitoring collection status from various clients and escalating issueswith Sales team for resolving any delayed payment issues pertaining to institutional andchannel sales businesses

• Ensuring that relevant control systems are defined for monitoring costs, cash transactions,claims and recoveries from institutional clients, agents, distributors and retailers etc.

• Ensuring that employee payroll is processed on time and correctly for all units on time

• Monitoring availability, raising and utilization of funds through internal accruals and variousfunds raising sources as required by the business

• Identifying and utilizing methods through which cost of funds can be minimized for thebusiness thereby contributing to its profitability

• Deploying excess funds in corporate investments so that the returns on the investments aremaximized

• Timely releasing funds for various expenses (like payroll, vendor payments, operationalexpenses etc.) incurred by the company as part of its operations

• Providing inputs, guidance and conceptual support to various functional heads informulation of their functional budgets and monitoring the variances in the same on amonthly basis

• Conducting monthly profitability analysis and identifying areas for cost control and definingtargets for the same and ensuring its communication and implementation by all functions inthe organization

• Managing Bank relationships and leveraging them to ensure availability of funds for businesswhen required

• Ensuring completion of accounts and closure of books as per targets dates identified andsubmission to authorities without delays

• Critically assessing requirements for CAPEX investments and conducting a ROI analysis forthe same and converting the same into funding requirements

• Monitoring Taxation liabilities and ensuring adherence to all statutory requirements andensuring all documents for the same are updated and ready for audits and inspections

• Creating systems to monitor and ensure that export financing needs (as applicable) of thebusiness are met on time and close liaisoning with respective sales personnel to ensure thatreceivables are collected on time

• Creating processes to gather and incorporate updated costs in the product costingframework and ensuring that all product pricing decisions are based on updated cost sheets

• Providing decisions on any issues escalated by accounts and finance teams

• Providing decision support to management team through periodic MIS and reports

• Ensuring payments are made to various vendors and partners on time

• Ensuring that the books of accounts are maintained correctly with all supporting documentson records

Position: Manager –Accounts

Job role / responsibilities

• Implementation of Accounting policies and ensuring their compliance by all personnel in theteam

• Monitoring collection status and escalating issues with Sales team in case of any delays

• Identifying and utilizing sources to monitor regulation changes from time to time andensuring all subsequent accounting is done as per such changed regulations

• Creating audit and control mechanisms to check losses of revenue and other possiblemonetary losses incurred through implementation of various sales schemes

• Instituting systems to monitor cash transactions at various locations and controlling thesame on a daily/weekly basis

• Identifying, and suggesting ways for cost control initiatives by various functions / teams /personnel and tracking their results

• Checking accounting entries passed by the accounts team members and providing guidanceto correct the same in case of any issues

• Creating work methods to check that accounting entries are not incomplete or missed outfrom passing in the books

• Assessing correct tax liability and ensuring all taxation related requirements for the businessare fulfilled on a timely basis along with necessary documentation to prevent penalties• Conducting trial balance scrutiny each month/quarter as required to ensure correctpreparation of P&L Account and Balance Sheet• Ensuring preparation of and reviewing MIS reports based on the requirements of HO

• Monitoring preparation and finalization of monthly/quarterly books of accounts and guidingteam members on increasing efficiency

• Defining and implementing systems to manage and control petty cash at various locations

• Providing data/responses to internal and external auditors for any requirements/queriesthat they may have and coordinating with concerned departments for providingreport/information to external auditors when required

• Reviewing, monitoring and reporting on funds availability of the organization and submittingto the CFO for requisite funds mobilization and deployment of excess funds when available

• Preparing and presenting various report summaries like Fixed assets, expenses, salesreports, profitability statements and balance sheet etc for submission to governmentalauthorities based on the statutory norms

• Ensuring bank and customer account reconciliations are done on a periodic basis to ensurerevenue protection

• Providing decisions on any issues escalated by accounts team

• Reviewing MIS reporting prepared by the team and ensuring their timely completion

• Ensuring payments are made to various vendors and partners on time

Position: Manager –Treasury

Job role / responsibilities

• Conducting a Funds utilization analysis of the company and identifying areas where fundsrequirements is critical for the business

• Studying the business plans and creating long term projections for funds requirements forthe business based on analysis of business growth plans and identifying preparatoryactivities for the same

• Identifying possible sources of funds and initiating their development to ensure raising offunds with the shortest turnaround time

• Identifying key personnel with the company’s bankers and developing and maintainingrelationships with such personnel at all times

• Analyzing the cost of funds and identifying ways to minimize the same from previous levels

• Monitoring company’s investments in different instruments and maximizing Returns oninvested funds of the business and ensuring that company’s funds are not kept idle

• Ensuring timely establishment and discounting of LCs, bills discounting, funds planning andlimits utilization to meet operational needs of the business

• Defining Cost allocation methodology for the organization and ensuring that costs heads aredebited and credited accordingly within the business

• Creating systems to monitor and ensure that export financing needs of the business are metas required on time and close liaisoning with respective sales persons to ensure thatreceivables are collected on time

• Identifying possible "leakage areas" in funds handling activities in Finance function andidentifying measures and interventions to plug such gaps

• Monitoring funds transfers status on a daily basis and ensuring that requests for suchtransfers are completed with minimum loss of time for the company

• Conducting correspondence with banks and ensuring that there are no delays in completingdocumentation for all funds raising and managing activities

• Studying and keeping abreast of all government schemes and subsidies that are available forthe company’s business sector and ensuring that all activities required for availing suchbenefits are completed on time

• Providing inputs to the budgeting personnel on funds requirement and availability status atdifferent times in the business and ensuring such funds availability statuses are built into thebudgets

• Monitoring and facilitating cash flows (inflow and outflows) of the entire business on a dailybasis based on the operational transactions and maintaining necessary records of the sameand conducting cash flows requirement analysis on a periodic basis

• Analyzing the expenses structures and patterns for the business and planning fundsavailability for such expenses accordingly

• Providing inputs to CFO in defining cost control areas and target levels for cost reductionacross the organization and monitoring and providing guidance and inputs to variousfunctional managers in such cost control initiatives

Position: Executive –Accounts

Job role / responsibilities

• Passing all Accounting entries for all receipts, payments etc in a timely manner

• Preparing audit statements and responses to audit queries as required and ensuring thatthey are closed

• Making payments for all statutory dues on time as required by the norms

• Adhering to all Accounting policies and processes laid down by the functional head andhighlighting any discrepancies on time and need for new/modified policies

• Depositing all receipts in the bank and accounting for the same on a timely basis

• Reconciling all accounts on a periodic basis

• Providing support to superiors in implementation of cost saving initiatives

• Ensuring that cash depositing processes are adhered to strictly by concerned personnel atvarious locations

• Adhering to Finance related processes defined by Sales functions on a timely basis

• Preparing all incentive, commission and other payment cheques for all dues payable todistributors, agents, and retailers on a timely basis

• Checking of all invoices and adherence to payment processes and that all payments aremade and accounted for based on the invoices/vouchers received

• Preparing financial MIS and ensure its submission to senior management by predefineddates

• Monitoring cash transactions at various locations and verifying the same on a daily basiswith necessary supporting records and highlighting issues, if any

• Including new distributors, agents, and retailers in books of accounts and monitoring theircollection status on a weekly/fortnightly basis as applicable

• Monitoring execution of cost control measures on a weekly basis and providing inputs topeople on effective cost control techniques'

• Preparing quarterly books of accounts on a timely basis

• Preparing MIS reports and submitting to functional head on a timely basis