Quality Assurance

Position: Manager – Quality Assurance

Job role / responsibilities

• Identifying the quality requirements for the business based on customer specifications forvarious products and defining quality standards for various products, processes,documentation etc.

• Creating awareness and communication programs to ensure that requisite quality standardsare known to all personnel in the organization

• Creating systems and processes to ensure that quality checks are conducted for allincoming, WIP and outgoing material are conducted at all locations

• Defining the Quality Policy and related systems and processes for ensuring that the qualitystandards are understood and adhered to at all locations

• Designing monitoring mechanism for ensuring that quality norms are adhered to by alllocations and deviations are reported and actioned by concerned managers

• Defining methods through which failures in quality norms are preempted and possiblerequirements for rework etc are prevented

• Periodically assessing the cost of poor quality and communicating the same to all personneland building the same into the product cost structures

• Instituting quality certification processes based on market requirements and business andgrowth plans• Providing decisions on any functional issues escalated by QC team

• Providing necessary decisions and interventions on non-compliance of quality standardsacross all locations• Ensuring that any low quality products returned from customers are investigated andanalyzed for understanding possible reasons for failure

• Identifying methods through which quality levels of products and services are improved inthe organization

• Defining processes to ensure that all outgoing material from units and all installed productsare inspected for quality from a hardware, software and configuration point of view basedon customer specifications

• Conducting periodic causal analysis and highlighting reasons for and identifying solution of"beyond benchmark" quality failures with respective functional heads

Position: Executive – Quality Control

Job role / responsibilities

• Conducting inspection of incoming, and WIP material and finished products based on the QAstandards and sampling rate defined

• Conducting tests of all finished products wrt their hardware, software, configurationparameters etc. and confirming their usability as designed

• Conducting investigations of all material not conforming to the stated quality standards andidentifying and documenting reasons for quality failures

• Preparing and completing all necessary reports based on the QC inspections done for allsamples

• Conducting causal analysis for all material where quality failures occur and identifying thecore reasons for the same

• Identifying and providing inputs based on inspection reports on necessary steps forreduction in rejection levels of products

• Understanding all processes defined for QA and adhering to the same at all times