Message From The Chairman

Get up, Stand up, Buckle your belt, Tighten your belly, Look Ahead and March! This has been a single point agenda for the past 39 years that AARTECH has followed with a single minded devotion, to walk Solo on the arduous path of developing Unique New Technological Solutions for the Power Generation and Distribution Sector and The Industry scoring many first breakthroughs beating established and huge Multinationals on the Indian soil.

Our journey has taken us through thick and thin, testing our patience and Endeavour, many times through this journey, but our faith in our collective abilities to work out new solutions has never wavered and paid us ultimately with rich dividends and accolades of our customers.

Today, justifiably Aartech is recognized for it’s ability to provide latest technologically appropriate solutions in the specialized and selected Energy solutions for a vast expanse  of Industries, Conventional Thermal & Hydro and Gas based Power Plants, Captive Power Plants, Non conventional  Energy sources such as Solar, Wind, Biomass etc with novel solutions that encompass BTS2000 Bus Transfers for Process Continuity, Ultra- Capacitors for KRANKING Diesel Engines as well as to provide FARADIGM Solutions to provide  instantaneous D.C. power demands for variety of applications, Fault Limiters for clearing ultra high Electrical Fault levels, Distribution LOAD LIMITERS towards a novel way to limit Loads, being drawn indiscriminately by irresponsible BPL consumers bleeding the already overloaded Distribution Utilities and now very  recently an OFF LINE UPS solution for very highly sensitive High end Data Centers, Space Stations, Large International AIRPORTS  where the continuity can not be sacrificed even for a short time of few milliseconds saving a very high quantum of Energy 24/7 throughout the year.

I am convinced that AARTECH (Always Apply Right Technology) is on  a right path and shall continue to provide solutions for the Growing needs of our country as well as the Developing World Globally.

Our young team of Engineers and Professionals led by our Visionary Managing Director shall continue to produce outstanding technical and Entrepreneurial results in their   future endeavors.

I sincerely hope that our efforts showcased in a small way by our young team in this website shall be interesting as well as useful to our dear Visitors.

Welcome & Happy Browsing!!

Anil Raje

27th May 2011