Aartech belives its core strength to be its highly experienced employees with their youthful zeal. Aartech's organizational culture is to be open towards any challenge. They are passionate & enthusiast in not only their professional ends but also at personal ends. A sense of togetherness bounds every member of Aartech family. Thus “Once an aartechie, always an Aartechie”. They have a slice of ownership in the company in the form of Aartech shares.


Aartechies bearing expertise in technical sophistication provides amicable system solutions to be at par with the dynamics of this sector. Geared with every necessary infrastructural facility and amiable atmosphere at work, human resource at Aartech is ever ready to convert their opportunities & be competitive enough to shape these results into their advantage. Thus Aartechies are considered as leading provider of system solutions to energy related problems by creating delight to the electrical industry. We strongly believe in the potential of each Aartechies & make continuous efforts to develop them in every walk of life and thus being qualitative, rather than quantitative in choosing Aartech family. Aartech has a vibrant network of service providers and business associates who further Aartech's reach to its customers. As part of Team Aartech, they provide the necessary interface and local support essential for business development and seamlessly integrated system solutions to meet customer requirements

“Aartech Day” is celebrated with great zeal & vigor on every 1st January. This marks the beginning of a prosperous & endeavoring new year and thus all the forthcoming festivals are celebrated with the same charge. Birthday parties, picnics, holiday tours etc are organized for employees. Van Mahotsav, Vishwakarma Pujan, Indepedendence day etc are some of the distinguied celebrations. Aartech Family is involved with many corporate social responsibilities. Its ethics & values are integral part to organizational climate. Aartech lays great emphasis on environmental issues, quality assurance, safety standards and social compliance.

Flag bearers of Aartech



Dinesh Kumar Sahu

BE (Electrical and Electronics)

Dinesh manages the day to day R&D activities and innovation management system of Aartech's Innovations Lab. He is the Administrator of Aartech's innovations lab. He plays a key role in new product designing and product up-gradation.

Playing with electrical and electronics goods and Skating are some of his hobbies.


Syed Sohail Hussain, Assistant Manager

BE (Electrical & Electronics)

Sohail is responsible for Control & Relay Panels (CRP) sales, production planning and control. With his skillful capability he has taken the production capabilities of C & R panels from 300 to 2000 panels per year.

He is a football fanatic as well as a movie buff.