Core Values

Aartech Solonics Ltd. is an outstanding example of technological sophistications coupled with unmatchable human touch. In the quest to empower our people, the visionary legacy of our founders comes to us in way of Vision & Mission statement which are as follows:


“To become a leading provider of system solutions to energy related problems”.


“To be a Successful, Trans-National, System Solution Oriented R&D Enterprise in the field of Specialised and Selected Applied Energy Applications by 2012”

Shared Values

To be a multi-product, multi-technologist company.

To provide a platform for technologists to step on and contribute effectively to technology development without having to inordinately deal with business setup issues.

To be an efficiently structured, IT enabled, delegated and organized outfit.

To be optimally resourced for growth, and to use resources optimally for growth.

To maintain an ethical corporate environment both within and without.

To be a responsible corporate citizen and follow universally accepted ideals.


In the years ahead of us, we will keep exploring the unknown in our quest for excellence and to derive maximum satisfaction of our most valued stakeholders.