Company Timeline

Aartech was founded in the year 1985 driven by the entrepreneurial spirit of its founder Mr. Anil Anant Raje. Aartech started commercial production on 1st January 1988, celebrated as Aartech's Foundation Day every year. Aartech was initially incorporated as a private limited company - and subsequently converted into a public limited company in March 1992.

Aartech was established with a view of manufacturing custom-built electrical systems as required for power stations, receiving stations, sub stations, distribution networks, process plants and variety of industries and establishing itself as an "Application Engineering Specialist" in the field of Electrical Switchgear and Control gear Engineering with a determined focus on R&D activities. The company rapidly established its name as a quality manufacturer of control and relay panels, motor control centres, testing equipment, digital and power electronics based products. Since inception, it has earned a well-deserved reputation of providing innovative solutions with dedicated R&D efforts, thus finding itself a unique placement with its customers.

Aartech pioneered the development of India's first import substitute fast bus transfer system in the mid 1980's for power plants and continuous process industries, and remains a market leader in this field till date in India. Then came Faradigm, Load Checker, Single Put Anniciator, BTS – LT and many more.

In the last decade its growth manifold momentum continues. Aartech has expanded its product line and thus comes with a wide range of system solutions & products for all the electrical energy related industries. With new product developments & diversifications in the existing once Aartech moves with great pace to make the influence far reaching & multi-dimensional in nature on global scale.