Company Overview

Company Description

Energy is the life blood of modern civilization. Reaching out to the needs of almost all types of energy related industries, Aartech serves the energy sector by providing comprehensive & desirable system solutions and thus creating great value to its stakeholders. Aartech Solonics Ltd is a System Solution Oriented R&D Enterprise in the field of Specialised and Selected Energy Applications. It provides technical expertise to all its customers in expanding energy market across the globe.

Acronymed as:

AARTECH:  Always Apply Right TECHnology
SOLONICS:  Dare to go SOLO and apply all available techNICS to solve the Problem

This comprehensive acronym itself defines Aartech Solonics & thus sets us apart in our ability to make a paradigm shift in providing system solutions to energy related problems. Aartech is continuously building on its core strength to identify, research, develop and deploy new technologies with a view to provide specialised system solutions for selected challenges posed by the ever increasing demand and utilisation of energy.