Aartech's Working


Aartech believes in entrepreneurially driven identification of specialised and selected applied energy applications, followed by careful application of its R&D, domain knowledge and skills in an integrated systems solution approach to meet such growing challenges.

Its business practise is designed around the concept of System Solution Division (SSDs). It is a reflection of Aartech’s commitment to strive to provide comprehensive system solutions, and not just isolated products or services to its customers. It has several operative System Solution Divisions (SSDs), BTS 2000 - Microprocessor Based Fast Bus Transfer Systems (being the flagship SSD at present), Ultra-Capacitor, Load Checker, Control & Relay Panel naming a few.

As part of its stated value of being a multi-product, multi-technologist company, Aartech has an open-door policy for techno-entrepreneurs in India and abroad to explore the possibilities of joining Aartech’s creative efforts. Aartech’s business practise is described as  follows:-

  • Each product/technology to be a functionally and financially independent System Solutions Division [SSD].
  • Seek/Develop/Motivate techno-entrepreneurs that can take the concept to the finishing line with a high level of expertise, enthusiasm and commitment.
  • Develop an active internship program to encourage various stakeholders in a an R&D enterprise – entrepreneurs, technologists, engineers, technicians, IPR lawyers, social engineers etc.
  • High focus on internal technology vetting, lab testing, certifications and field trials.
  • Develop high level of IT usage in a well-organised and accessible framework.
  • Provide ownership based incentives from the onset.
  • Invest appropriate resources without delay – time is of the essence.
  • Take advance actions to protect IPR.
  • Plan for a significant pilot trial from Day 1.
  • Market the Product, Not the Technology.
  • Associate on a as-needed basis, with marketing firms under product, customer and territory specific contracts.

R & D Activity

Since we are an R & D based enterprise, its connects us with huge responsibilities of upgrading our existing systems & constantly looking out for new avenues. Thus R & D activities take a crucial part of our resources & continues simultaneously with all the other SSDs.

Design & Engineering

Each SSD carries out its own design and engineering activities to meet custom-specific requirements for the desired application engineered solutions. All necessary design and specification data, coupled with interface requirements with existing infrastructure are thoroughly studied initially. Early feedback to the customer on design / performance issues and additional interface requirements are communicated in advance to ensure ultimate compliance to customer wish-lists.

Latest engineering software tools under guidance of best design and engineering practices in adherence to applicable standards are utilized for carrying out such design and engineering activities. Due emphasis is laid on innovation, customer wish-lists, internal and external feedback, optimization, manufacturability, reliability, cost control, standardization, detailing, revision control, approval processes and internal audit

Manufacturing Activity

Presently Aartech has two manufacturing hubs one at each Mandideep, M.P. and  Parwanoo, H.P.

Aartech's Unit#1 is located in the industrial town of Mandideep, 20 kms from Bhopal. It encompasses 12000 sq. meters of land and 1500 sq. meters of built up area - housing all necessary machineries, equipments and warehouse space for its SSDs. Aartech's Unit#2 is located at Parwanoo, Himachal Pradesh and supports the manufacturing activities of the BTS 2000 & LT microprocessor based fast bus transfer system SSD.

Testing Facility

Aartech has a range of electrical, electronic and environmental testing equipments that are used for conducting various routine testing requirements of its products. Testing arrangements are often customized to meet the diverse requirements of testing application specific requirements. A Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) protocol is developed at the time of design and engineering and submitted for customer approval.

Quality Assurance

Aartech works diligently towards ensuring the quality of its products. Despite the customized nature of its system solutions, due diligence is insisted in each and every aspect of its activities. A Quality Assurance Plan (QAP) protocol is developed as per the general requirements of the SSD. The QAP is also submitted for customer approval as part of the engineering submissions as standard. Compliance and deviations to the QAP are strictly monitored through a process of independent quality assurance audit of the SSD.


Commissioning Services

Each SSD has its own team of well qualified and experienced personnel that provide support for commissioning its system solutions at the customer end in a prompt and responsive manner. This activity also includes detailed on-site training and orientation, as necessary. The feedback from such commissioning activities is given a lot of weightage for consideration in design and engineering activities. Many times personnel’s from various departments are sent to attend various seminars, conferences, exhibitions which provide them with real time exposure to exhaustive knowledge.